Breaking Bad Habits

How long does it take to break a bad habit? Three days? Two weeks? A month?

Today on Facebook my friend Hannah shared the following meme:


“A page a day?” I thought. “That doesn’t seem like too much.” Thanks to Google, I discovered how many words comprise a page:

#Word document: 250 double spaced or 500 single spaced (font dependent. Apparently a lot of this depends on the font.)

#A4 pad: roughly 200 words

Those numbers felt achievable. Every day I receive an email from 750words cheerily telling me it’s time to do some writing. I smile sweetly as I hit ‘Delete’ on each daily notification. 750 words feels like a lot. It feels like time away from other essential tasks like washing dishes, going through the pile of leaflets shoved through my letterbox that day or catching up on highlights from this year’s Glastonbury Festival (you should give them a wee watch – when you’re not doing any of the above activities of course!).

I could write 250 words on my lunch break. I could squeeze in 50 words shoogling along on the Subway. I could craft 20 words whilst cleaning that weird scum that sometimes appears at the bottom of the food compost bin.

I’ve asked my friends on Facebook to join in so I’m also asking anyone else out there to join us too. 500 words a day is 15500. That’s a book chapter, a collection of short stories, an entire anthology of poetry – whatever you like!

On 1st August, I will share the highlights and, perhaps, the lowlights from my notepad this month. If you’re feeling brave, I hope you will too*.

Would you like to join me in this writing challenge? Leave a comment and let me know!

*For the stats geeks, this post is 298 words long and took me around 15 minutes to write the first draft.